¿Selling, Buying, Renting or Managing your Property in Chile?

Buy and Sell Properties in Chile

Astrid and Ingrid organising the sale of a property in Chile

On the subject of buying and selling property, our first concern is the study of the corresponding property title, followed by a price evaluation so that the owner of the property can sell at a good market price and also that the buyer experiences an attractive offer.

If the purchase is by mortgage through a bank, we take care to review the documents and that everything is in order to avoid any difficulties.
The buying and selling process can be quite long. However, we are experts and well seasoned so the closing always is a success for both parties.

Administration of Your Rental Property

The administration area is run by Ingrid Medina Rubilar who is responsible for the entire portfolio of properties.

Ingrid has the following responsibilities:

  • Undertakes thorough background checks and evalutations on all prospective tenants before final selection,
  • Effective management of the properties ensuring the interests of the owner are upheld, and
  • Collection of any debts incurred by damages to the property backed up by attorney team member Aida Manriquez making the damages public record.

The concern in the administration area is focused on:

  • Drawing up a contract that is safe for both parties, both the landlord and the tenant.
  • Ensuring that the leasee fulfills its duty to pay rent.
  • Ensuring maintenance of the properties conforms with the requirements of both parties and on agreed terms.
  • Terminating each rental contract ensuring that everything comes to fruition without any warranty issues.

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