Property Valuation

¿Are You Unhappy with the Value That Was Placed On Your Property?

ChileHousing can help, we are experts in Real Estate Appraisal.

Tasaciones Comerciales de ChileHousing en Santiago y Region Metropolitana y Más. Nuestro Servicio para ti.

¿What is a Property Valuation?

When you need an external valuation of your property or a property you wish to buy, a “property valuation”, “land valuation” or “real estate appraisal” is performed.

The market is always evolving and when it comes time to selling, knowing what price range to which your property corresponds is generally the first step. It is after you value your property that you can put your property in the marketplace with confidence that you have a fair price.

The same goes for if you want a second opinion of the value that the bank placed on your property. We can conduct an appraisal that follows to the letter the standard format approved and adopted by large appraisal companies.

Assessments encompass a detailed analysis of the property in question including and not limited to:

  • a visit to the property by an expert,
  • a comprehensive study of all documentation pertaining to the property,
  • a thorough market analysis focused on the sector where the property is located,
  • the generation of a detailed document that includes in it all information obtained in the course of the appraisal along with the proposed value or price range.

We appraise all types of property up for sale, be it industrial, commercial, rural, urban, old or modern. Always according to what is really going on in that place and in that particular property.
We guarantee a professional and personalized service second to none.

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