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In Chilehousing also offer legal advice service.

Aida Manriquez Navea, professional working with us for many years, who has the ability to resolve issues such as effective positions, management judgments, executives judgments, etc.. That is to say, any advice, transaction or judgment related to our properties industry.

Real estate legal advice is referred, for example, to any situation with the bank or financial institution or credit where further development is required

When we talk about actual positions, on the other hand, we refer to the name given judicially to the required processsing when a person who is the owner of a propiety dies and the heirs must take ownership of the position.

To do the position, it is necessary to do the “posición efectiva” and in many cases can not be made directly in the civil registry, so that competent counsel is required.

In the case of executive proceedings, its purpose is to fulfill the obligation irrefutably proven to be enforceable, such as a promissory note, check, bill of exchange, invoice, a final judgment or other, seizing every asset of the debtor if the debt is not met (embargoes except for beds etc. See Article 445 of the Civil Procedure Code).

Aida Manriquez Navea
Legal and premature judgment

Aida Manriquez Navea, Area Jurídica y prejudicial

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