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Property Valuation

¿Are You Unhappy with the Value That Was Placed On Your Property?

ChileHousing can help, we are experts in Real Estate Appraisal.

Tasaciones Comerciales de ChileHousing en Santiago y Region Metropolitana y Más. Nuestro Servicio para ti.

¿What is a Property Valuation?

When you need an external valuation of your property or a property you wish to buy, a “property valuation”, “land valuation” or “real estate appraisal” is performed.

The market is always evolving and when it comes time to selling, knowing what price range to which your property corresponds is generally the first step. It is after you value your property that you can put your property in the marketplace with confidence that you have a fair price.

The same goes for if you want a second opinion of the value that the bank placed on your property. We can conduct an appraisal that follows to the letter the standard format approved and adopted by large appraisal companies.

Assessments encompass a detailed analysis of the property in question including and not limited to:

  • a visit to the property by an expert,
  • a comprehensive study of all documentation pertaining to the property,
  • a thorough market analysis focused on the sector where the property is located,
  • the generation of a detailed document that includes in it all information obtained in the course of the appraisal along with the proposed value or price range.

We appraise all types of property up for sale, be it industrial, commercial, rural, urban, old or modern. Always according to what is really going on in that place and in that particular property.
We guarantee a professional and personalized service second to none.

Legal Advice Service

¿Need Legal Advice?

In Chilehousing also offer legal advice service.

Aida Manriquez Navea, professional working with us for many years, who has the ability to resolve issues such as effective positions, management judgments, executives judgments, etc.. That is to say, any advice, transaction or judgment related to our properties industry.

Real estate legal advice is referred, for example, to any situation with the bank or financial institution or credit where further development is required

When we talk about actual positions, on the other hand, we refer to the name given judicially to the required processsing when a person who is the owner of a propiety dies and the heirs must take ownership of the position.

To do the position, it is necessary to do the “posición efectiva” and in many cases can not be made directly in the civil registry, so that competent counsel is required.

In the case of executive proceedings, its purpose is to fulfill the obligation irrefutably proven to be enforceable, such as a promissory note, check, bill of exchange, invoice, a final judgment or other, seizing every asset of the debtor if the debt is not met (embargoes except for beds etc. See Article 445 of the Civil Procedure Code).

Aida Manriquez Navea
Legal and premature judgment

Aida Manriquez Navea, Area Jurídica y prejudicial


¿Selling, Buying, Renting or Managing your Property in Chile?

Buy and Sell Properties in Chile

Astrid and Ingrid organising the sale of a property in Chile

On the subject of buying and selling property, our first concern is the study of the corresponding property title, followed by a price evaluation so that the owner of the property can sell at a good market price and also that the buyer experiences an attractive offer.

If the purchase is by mortgage through a bank, we take care to review the documents and that everything is in order to avoid any difficulties.
The buying and selling process can be quite long. However, we are experts and well seasoned so the closing always is a success for both parties.

Administration of Your Rental Property

The administration area is run by Ingrid Medina Rubilar who is responsible for the entire portfolio of properties.

Ingrid has the following responsibilities:

  • Undertakes thorough background checks and evalutations on all prospective tenants before final selection,
  • Effective management of the properties ensuring the interests of the owner are upheld, and
  • Collection of any debts incurred by damages to the property backed up by attorney team member Aida Manriquez making the damages public record.

The concern in the administration area is focused on:

  • Drawing up a contract that is safe for both parties, both the landlord and the tenant.
  • Ensuring that the leasee fulfills its duty to pay rent.
  • Ensuring maintenance of the properties conforms with the requirements of both parties and on agreed terms.
  • Terminating each rental contract ensuring that everything comes to fruition without any warranty issues.

About Us

Real Estate in Chile Requires Trust

We are a new, efficient and multipurpose real estate agent here in Chile. Our company’s strength lies in its foundation of industry specific experts with extensive experience in:

  • Buying, selling, renting and administrating properties,
  • Evalution of businesses and their assets,
  • Legal advice,
  • Real estate law in Chile,
  • Legal Transferal of Possessions of a Deseased Estate,
  • Legal Debt Collection,
  • Architecture projects, from design though to final construction,
  • Adjustments and modifications to exiting properties,
  • Municipal/council procedures,
  • Property subdivision,
  • Land Parcel Mergers,
  • Property zoning changes i.e. residencial to commercial,
  • Joint ownership Law, among others.

Founded in 2002, we have over 11 years of experience and in that time we have enjoyed many satisfied customers. This has given us the strength to build on reason we , certifying the personalized and human work that characterize us.

We serve the entire Metropolitan Region and part of the Fifth Region of Chile, offering a high quality service with pillars of trust, confidence, professionalism, knowledge, commitment and excellence – So you get your Chilean real estate needs met efficiently and with no nonsense.

We are confident that our impeccable reputation, up-to-the-minute industry knowledge and wall-to-wall experience in Chile real estate will pave the way to your projects inevitable success – All the while having the piece of mind that you are acting comfortably within Chilean property law.

We invite you to get to know us…

Arquitecta Astrid Medina ChileHousing Propiedades Inmobiliaria
Astrid Medina Rubilar
Professional Architect and Real Estate Agent
Creator and founder of Chile Housing Properties
Legal Representative
Training Courses:
2002 Real Estate Agent
2004 English – Advanced level.
Real Estate Manager U. of Chile 2004
Exportation to China 2009
2010 Public and Private Auctions
Urban and rural Valuations 2012
Ingrid Medina ChileHousing Propiedades Santiago Inmobiliaria PoralInmobiliaria Chile
Ingrid Medina Rubilar
Business Administrator
Real Estate Agent
Firm Partner
Debt Collection
Aida Manriquez Asessoria Inmobiliaria Chile Santiago
Aida Manriquez Navea
Legal and Prejudicial Department
Maite Urrutia Kaiser Asesoria Juicio Inmobiliario Santiago Chile Propiedades Tramataciones
Maite Urrutia Kaiser
Graphic Designer
Real Estate Agent
Verónica Painen Administracion Propiedades Santiago ChileHousing Region Metropolitana
Verónica Painen
Graduate of Psychology
Chilehousing Assistant